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SPA center Medite


Hotel Medite is located in the former Botanical garden. It is located aside from the busy streets of the town of Sandanski is practically within the pine forest. So hike through the woods can start the path directly from the hotel entrance. But the most important advantage of the location of the hotel is the amazing view of the mountains in the distance and the roofs of the town of Sandanski. 

The SPA center offers various Spa and Wellness therapies, treatments and massages. It offers hotel and apartment hotel, MEDIT, located in the same area: indoor pool with mineral water, fitness center, tennis courts, a mini football, a cascade swimming pools, including a children's pool, beauty salon, Solarium, sauna Park: Roman bath, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, tropical shower, hydro-massage bathtubs.




Weekend Relax for two: 
1) For her:
- VIP Jacuzzi + peeling massage;
- Roman bath + body therapy "Energia Bianca";
VIP oxygen therapy for the face.
2) For him:
- VIP Jacuzzi + peeling massage;
- Roman bath + massage "SPAZIOUOMO";
- face therapy "SPAZIOUOMO".


The 3-day program "Beauty and relax": 
1) Roman bath + Jacuzzi + peeling massage;
2) yoghurt and almond massage "Four hands" + hydrotherapy for the face DIBI;
3) Cleopatra's bath + body therapies "Rize delight".


4-day anti-aging program 
for face and body:
1) Roman bath + body peeling + massage vosstanavlivayutsya;
2) massage the "Magic" + face therapy "Time Return";
3) aroma bath + body therapy "Energia Bianca";
4) Roman bath + body peeling + massage vosstanavlivayutsya.


5-day program "Relaxation": 
1) Cleopatra's bath + honey yogurt massage;
2) vulcanicity massage with stones + face therapy "Soul of the volcano";
3) aromatic bath + massage "Magic";
4) bath with rose petals + therapy "Secrets of the Valley of roses";
5) massage with medicinal herbs "Pindasweda".




All prices for SPA treatments:

SPA center Medite  (inglish)

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